The Micam

Milan Fair Rho
September 19-21, 2021
Hall 06 – Stand F30



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New projects

At Confort, the study of a new memory foam insole prototype is underway. A project in line with the extreme attention that Confort always devotes to its products.



The exponential increase in comfort: Confort 2. A project dedicated to finding technical solutions to strengthen the company’s positioning in the comfortable footwear industry.

Given the great success of comfortable footwear that has always differentiated it in the industry, the company has launched a new project, “CONFORT 2” (comfort squared), of women’s footwear that offers even greater comfort through the adoption of an innovative sole a new material that makes up the footbed of the shoes that gives greater support to the foot through the introduction of a 5mm layer of latex between the insole and the sole, known generically as “memory foam” having incredible ability to retain its elasticity to deformation; such physical and chemical characteristics make the bottom actually much more comfortable.

Results: the project has enabled the consolidation of relationships with high-level players, many are among the best-known large-scale retail chains, who seek innovation at competitive prices. These markets are an important opportunity for Confort to access a numerically attractive sales channel.